Brian Lovelace | Los Angeles & Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer | The Adobe Lightroom Update: PROFILES!
A brief comparison of the new Adobe profiles released in the April 3rd 2018 Adobe Lightroom update.
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The Adobe Lightroom Update: PROFILES!

The Adobe Lightroom Update: PROFILES!

So here’s a quick comparison of the new profiles within Adobe Lightroom. As of the update today, Adobe has redone their camera profiles and put them at the forefront of the editing process rather than one of the last things a photographer thinks about.

In this post I’m going to be comparing the different profiles and how they make the image appear. All profiles are chosen by choice during the editing process to help a photographer reach the style they’re looking for. There is no right or wrong way to edit an image!

These comparisons are just changing the profile on a completely RAW image imported directly into Lightroom. If you slide the slider to the right, you will view the Legacy (Old) profile. If you slide to the left, you will view the New Profile.

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs Adobe Color (New)

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs Adobe Vivid (New)

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs Adobe Portrait (New)

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs Adobe Landscape (New)

Adobe Standard Monochrome (Legacy) vs Adobe Monochrome (New)


Here I’m going to compare Adobe Standard and Adobe Color to the DVLOP profiles that have been created for use with the DVLOP Presets.

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs DVLOP V1 Profile

Adobe Color (New) vs DVLOP V1 Profile

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs DVLOP V2 Profile

Adobe Color (New) vs DVLOP V2 Profile


The profiles, in combination with the base Mastin Labs Fuji 400H Preset combine the following effects.

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs Adobe Color (New)

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs Adobe Portrait (New)

Adobe Standard (Legacy) vs DVLOP Profile (V1)



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