Brian Lovelace | Los Angeles & Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer | Bride & Groom Questionnaire
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Bride & Groom Questionnaire

Hi there! Thank you so much for picking me to be in charge of documenting one of the most important days of your life! To get things started it is super-duper important that I know every single detail about your wedding. I know that this form is really long but please try to fill it out to the best of your ability. If you don’t know an answer and it is marked as a required question, please just write in “Unsure” and we can get back to those details closer to your wedding date.

Bride Information

Bride's Phone Number
Usually Maid of Honor's Phone Number

Groom Information

Groom's Phone Number
Typically Best Man's Phone Number

Coordinator Information

Bride Pre-Wedding Information

Usually around the time the bride starts getting hair & makeup done)
(ie: family member photo attached to bouquet, wearing grandma's jewelry, special garter belt)

Groom Pre-Wedding Information

Typically 15 minutes before the groom & groomsmen get dressed.

Pre-Ceremony Events Information

Ceremony Information

(ie: first fight box, unity candle, personal vows, etc)

Family Photos Information

Please note that formal photos take a minimum of 30 minutes and ideally should have 45+ minutes of scheduled time.

(put each combination on its own line)
(put each combination on its own line)
(ie: Mom & Dad are divorced and don't want to be photographed together)
(ie: Jane, my bridesmaid is 8 months pregnant, or Grandma is wheelchair bound)

Reception Information

If at the same location as the ceremony please use this as cocktail hour start time.
(ie: surprise flash mob dance, etc)
Brian Lovelace requires full meals to be provided for each photographer for all weddings that have coverage past cocktail hour (no separate vendor meals).
Please be aware that each hour past what is booked in your selected package will be charged $350 per hour.

You're almost done!

I just need a quick signature stating that you've completed the form to the best of your ability and then a quick click of a reCAPTCHA to ensure you're not a robot. Thank you for hiring me to shoot your wedding!