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Brian Lovelace is a Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer. Born & raised in the Santa Barbara area, Brian has always known
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Animated Hawke Media Logo

Animated Hawke Media Logo


After 40+ tireless hours of hand animating, I created a fully vectorized animation of the Hawke Logo. To do this, I tirelessly used the pen tool to rotoscope a stock video that I found of an *eagle* landing on a perch. The original video had to be tracked to ensure that our Hawk landed where it belongs on the logo. To do this I used the camera tracker tool and pick-whipped the tracking data to an After Effects camera. This, in essence, stabilized the footage, making the bird’s final resting spot track along with the “k” in Hawke Media. This made it so all I needed to do was animate the bird, hide the rotoscope video, and add in the logo. The great thing about working in After Effects and using the pen tool is the fact that the video is now future proof. If 8K video someday becomes the golden standard, this video can be resized and re-exported in 8K glory since it was created using vectors.

Here is the original video the Hawk was rotoscoped from:

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