Meet Brian


So Who Is This Guy?

I have always believed that knowledge should be passionately sought, cultivated, and gained over a lifetime. From the first day that I picked up a camera, I couldn’t set it down. With my passion for learning, I wanted to know every detail about photography; from composing an image, exposing a shot, down to the fine details of perfecting images during editing. In college, I combined two of my passions; photography and cinema, and graduated from the Film Production program at California State University with an emphasis in Cinematography in 2014. Even through my days of studying cinema, photography lost no limelight, and rather inspired much of my photographic work. While I have had no institutional photography training, I have made it a priority to learn from the best by working side-by-side with leading professionals in the wedding photography space. I have put in years of training to bring my clients the best, most vibrant, and memorable images possible, because I know something that doesn’t have to be learned; happy clients are the best clients. I would like to invite you to visit the rest of my site and take a look at my work. If you feel that I suit your needs in a photographer, please feel free to reach out to me using the button below!

Why him?

I know the importance of a wedding in two people’s lives. It is a day that will never be forgotten between bride and groom. I find that my passion lies in capturing the story of two people; how they’ve fallen in love and how they make each other glow brighter with happiness when they are together. My goal is to not only capture, but tell the story of a couple’s love; how each day their bond grows tighter and their love for each other grows. My passion is to document memories that will last a lifetime and will be reminisced for ages to come. I feel honored by each couple who has chosen him to document their special day, and I look forward to all of the special moments that have yet to be captured.



Dream camera?

Fujifilm GFX 50S... every shoot I book brings me closer to it!

Favorite Food?

Burritos... keep me away from Chipotle!!!

Favorite drink?

Angry Orchard Ciders

Favorite band?

Foster the People

Favorite song?

Coming of Age -- Foster the People

Favorite place that you've been to?

Evolution Valley in Muir Woods. Look it up. It's incredible.

Craziest adventure?

Backpacking the 227 mile long John Muir Trail... twice.

Pet Peeve?

Phone batteries under 50%... I'm weird, I know.

Favorite Movie?

Tombstone. I'm a sucker for Westerns... and Val Kilmer movies in general...

Favorite person?

My wife, Steffi! She's my other half!